Earn college credit through the School of Ministry while completing your High School requirements.

Do you feel called to ministry but are still in High School? You don’t need to wait to be equipped. Earn college credit while preparing for ministry today. Credits earned through the School of Ministry may be used to satisfy homeschool or high school education requirements and are fully transferrable to several Alliance colleges for credit toward an undergraduate degree. Read on for more information on how to take advantage of our College Credit Program.

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How it works

The School of Ministry (SOM) is a 30-credit equivalency program designed to prepare men and women for ministry leadership within the local church. By offering courses in Bible, theology, and ministry leadership, this program satisfies the educational requirements necessary to be licensed with the Christian and Missionary Alliance and meets most of the Ordination/Consecration requirements of the C&MA as well.

The School of Ministry consists of 15 2-credit courses. Each course covers a specific topic directly related to ministry leadership for the local church. Students will learn from videos, readings, as well as practical assignments.

Each successfully complete course with “C” or higher may be transferred to any of our partner schools for credit toward an undergraduate degree. This can be done by requesting a transcript be sent to your college of choice.

Our C&MA Partner Schools

Other Colleges

Many other colleges accept our program for credit. For questions about a specific school reach out to the Admissions department of the desired school. Transcripts for completed work can be sent to any school or college upon request.

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100 Level Courses

101 – The Story: Discovering God’s Big Idea

With 66 books, 1,100 chapters, and almost 32,000 verses, the Bible can be an intimidating book. The Story is a course that helps us understand that one all-important theme that unites the Word of God into a unique and powerful story relevant to us all. This class is six units long and introduces students to key areas of Creation, Hamartiology (Sin) Christology (Jesus), Soteriology (Salvation), and Eschatology (End Times).

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102 – The Walk: Learning the Art of Discipleship

The call of Christ is a call to be different. But what does it look like to follow Jesus? The Walk is a course that focuses our attention on becoming a modern-day disciple; a follower of Christ who, day by day, is looking more like the Savior. This class is six units long and introduces students to the topics of sanctification and the spiritual disciples of engagement and abstinence.

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103 – The Book: Listening to the Voice of God

The Bible is God’s Word written for all people. Sounds pretty important…then why is it so hard to understand? The Book is a course that offers practical steps on how to read, interpret and apply the Bible in our everyday lives. This class is six weeks long and introduces students to the topic of basic hermeneutics.

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104 – The Church: Living in Community

Did you know that when Jesus talked about the church, He called it his bride? What does it mean to be part of Christ’s church? The Church is a course that is designed to uncover the truth that we are all made for community and are dependent upon one another. Through an investigation of Scripture, students will discover that the members of the church are gifted, empowered and that together they can change the world. This class is six units long and introduces students to the topics of ecclesiology, pneumatology, and spiritual gifts.

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200 Level Courses

202: The Book Part 2: Reading the Bible as Literature

Ministry leaders must be able to handle the Word of God correctly. This means leaders must be familiar with the nuances of biblical literature, genre, and interpretive methods. This course focuses on helping students understand the Bible as literature, biblical genre, and appropriate biblical interpretation methodologies.

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204: In the Beginning: Understanding the Old Testament

The Old Testament is the foundation of the Christian faith. This course is designed to help students understand the broad themes of the Old Testament as well as its characters and theology. This course will help students to apply lessons from the Old Testament to modern-day life situations, understand the roots of New Testament Teachings, and preach and teach from the Old Testament.

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205: The Life of Christ and the Early Church: Understanding the New Testament

The New Testament describes for us both the life of Jesus, as well as the birth of the Church. This course presents a panoramic view of the New Testament. This course will note the significance of the life of Jesus and how he trained his followers. This course will also help students understand how to read, study, and teach New Testament concepts.

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300 Level Courses

303: Building Blocks of the Local Church: Evangelism and Leadership Development

For the Kingdom to advance, the lost must be reached and leaders must be developed. This course is a study of the principles necessary to recruit, equip, maintain, and motivate people in spiritual leadership in organizations and churches in a team setting. Included in the content will be biblical models of evangelism, leadership development, recruiting, various equipping venues for leadership development, and a focus on team building in your church.

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305: Organizational Dynamics: Change, Power, and Conflict in the Church

Every church will experience change and conflict. Ministry leaders must be prepared to navigate these issues well in order to stay on mission. This course is designed to help students understand how to lead through the change process. It is also designed to help students understand how to biblically navigate conflict. Finally, this course looks at an issue related to both change and conflict, the issue of power.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in a course?

The first step is to apply for the program. Once accepted you can register for any course of your choosing by completing the course application form next to each course description. When applying be sure to select “School of Ministry High School Dual Enrollment”.


How long does is take to complete a course?

These courses are designed to be self-directed. When a student registers for a course they will have up to six months to complete their work for that course. Some students complete courses in two months while others take a full six months to complete the class.


What if I get stuck and need help in my course?

Every course is overseen by a live evaluator. This individual is prepared to support learning, grade assignments, provide feedback, and answer course related questions.


How much does it cost to take a course?

Each 2-credit course costs $210.00 ($105 per credit hour) plus the cost of required books. The national college per-credit hour cost is $390.00 plus the cost of required books.


When can I start taking courses?

Students can register and begin classes at any time.


Where do I go to complete my courses?

Courses are completed fully online through our online learning portal. All you need is a computer and a connection to the internet to start your work.


Can I sign up for more than one course at a time?

Yes, students may register for more than one course at a time. Each course comes with a six month completion window for that particular course.


How do I request a transcript be sent to my college?

Simply complete the transcript request form here.